Monday, September 16, 2013

Rand Internet Marketing - Customer Reviews

Here are just a small sampling of customer reviews for Rand Internet Marketing...

Tyisha Gina Merritt

Senior Marketing Research Manager at International Marketing Group

Seth Rand is a professional who understand all aspects of merchant processing and the importance of value-added services for the ISO / MSP companies. I learned more then I ever wanted to about Merchant Processing from Seth in his role at Rand Merchant Services. I recommend his services for any business associated or linked in any way to merchant processing.

Wade Munroe

Helping software engineers find the perfect job!

Seth is a true guru in the merchant services industry. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Seth through daily operations and on a number of large scale projects as well. His leadership skills and motivating spirit not only lit the fire for his sales team, but also helped to alleviate much of the strain that can often occur between cross-departmental communications.

I consider Seth to be a personal mentor. I learned a great deal about organizational efficiency and structured business processes from him. Seth is always eager to learn from anyone around him and never portrayed and attitude of superiority in his management style. Seth is always willing to guide or "pitch-in" in any capacity that will be helpful to the team as a whole.

Gustavo Hermida

Restored Digital Solutions

I have used Rand marketing as my SEO and internet strategies consultant. Everyone at Rand Marketing is a pleasure to work with, and with Seth's leadership, they deliver great results.
I highly reccomend Seth rand.

Madison Hebert

Legislative Office Professional

Set drove innovative and creative strategies and was open to anyone's ideas to improve the quality and performance of our political candidate's initiatives. He focused on execution of projects and prevented them from getting bogged down in excessive analysis. I would recommend him for a leadership role in large-scale sales organizations and complex projects.

Logan Trudgeon

Public Affairs Manager at Genetic Riddlemen Corporation

Working with Seth has been an absolute pleasure. I am proud to have Seth working to build our brand. Seth's work ethic and industry knowledge are refreshing and provide measurable results daily for our business. Seth has a wide range of industry and professional knowledge which we call on to fill many different roles. Seth is able to provide the input and specific work knowledge (and effort) equal to several people; and his unique push towards social media also speaks to his continual willingness to learn and adapt to new technology.

Seth is an integral part of our success and I am proud to work side by side with this industry professional. He adds value daily and he has a tremendous career which he polishes and supplements daily. We are fortunate to have him consult with us

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